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Hangman game java

Hangman game java

Name: Hangman game java

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Magic Numbers: It would be better to move your definitions for 0,1,2,3 into an enum or final fields so that you can reference them with a meaningful name. package game;. import itsauniquegifts.comr;. /**. * Created by Kristine Sundt Lorenzten. */. public class Hangman {. public static final String word. import itsauniquegifts.comr;. public class Hangman {. private static String[] words . itsauniquegifts.comn("GAME OVER!"); itsauniquegifts.comn(" ______" );.

The game end if no * is displayed or if there is no attempts left, so the player can try HangMan { public static void main(String[] args) { itsauniquegifts.comn("Enter. You can use this one for get random number. import; Random rand = new Random(); int n. I am going to try a simple hangman game project. After thinking about it, I might have to use Array (which I don't know) I want the player ONE to inp.

public class hangManProject. import itsauniquegifts.comr;. // provided by System. itsauniquegifts.comn("Welcome to Hangman Game:)!!"); } } public class SecretWord. This program implements the word guessing game called Hangman. Play one game of Hangman until * the user wins (guesses all of the letters in the secret. HANGMAN GAME 1) Sample Run Here is your word: Guesses so far: Make a guess: a Good guess! you have 6 body parts left Here is your word: a-.


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